Numerical Relativity in Spherical Coordinates with the Einstein Toolkit
Vassilios Mewes, Yosef Zlochower, Manuela Campanelli, Ian Ruchlin, Zachariah B. Etienne, and Thomas W. Baumgarte
Submitted to Phys. Rev. D (February 26, 2018) [1802.09625]
Resampling to accelerate cross-correlation searches for continuous gravitational waves from binary systems
Grant David Meadors, Badri Krishnan, Maria Alessandra Papa, John T. Whelan, Yuanhao Zhang
Physical Review D 97 044017 (February 15, 2018) [arXiv:1712.06515]
Quasi-Periodic Behavior of Mini-Disks in Binary Black Holes Approaching Merger
Bowen et al [Vassilios Mewes, Manuela Campanelli, Scott C. Noble, Julian H. Krolik, Miguel Zilhao]
The Astrophysical Journal Letters 853, Number 1 (January 24, 2018) [arXiv:1712.05451v1 ]
The hangup effect in unequal mass binary black hole mergers and further studies of their gravitational radiation and remnant properties
James Healy, Carlos O. Lousto
(January 24, 2018) [arXiv:1801.08162 ]
First search for nontensorial gravitational waves from known pulsars
The LIGO and VIRGO Collaborations
Physical Review Letters 120, issue 3 031104 (January 19, 2018) [ arXiv:1709.09203 ]
First narrow-band search for continuous gravitational waves from known pulsars in advanced detector data
The LIGO and VIRGO Collaborations
Physical Review Letters 96, Issue 10 122006 (December 28, 2017) [arXiv:1710.02327]
Targeted numerical simulations of binary black holes for GW170104
Healy et al. [Jacob Lange, Richard O'Shaughnessy, Carlos Lousto, Manuela Campanelli, Andrew Williamson, Yosef Zlochower]
(December 19, 2017) [ arXiv:1712.05836v2]
Hierarchical Bayesian Bradley-Terry for Applications in Major League Baseball
Gabriel C. Phelan John T. Whelan
Mathematics for Applications (December 16, 2017) [arXiv:1712.05879]
Systematic challenges for future gravitational wave measurements of precessing binary black holes
A. R. Williamson, J. Lange, R. O'Shaughnessy, J. A. Clark, P. Kumar, J. Calderón Bustillo, J. Veitch
Physical Review Letters 96, Issue 12 124041 (December 15, 2017) [arXiv:1709.03095 ]
Prior Distributions for the Bradley-Terry Model of Paired Comparisons
John T. Whelan
(December 14, 2017) [arXiv:1712.05311]


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