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Dendro-GR AMR grid for a q=16 binary
Massively parallel simulations of binary black holes with Dendro-GR
By Milinda Fernando, David Neilsen, Yosef Zlochower, Eric W. Hirschmann, Hari Sundar
(Tuesday, November 22, 2022)


We present results from the new Dendro-GR code. These include simulations of binary black hole mergers for mass ratios up to q=16. Dendro-GR uses Wavelet Adaptive Multi-Resolution (WAMR) to generate an unstructured grid adapted to the spacetime geometry together with an octree based data structure. We demonstrate good scaling, improved convergence properties and efficient use of computational resources. We validate the code with comparisons to LazEv.

CCRG Authors

Zlochower, Yosef