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Critical Isotherms from Virial Series Using Asymptotically Consistent Approximants
By Barlow, Nathaniel S, Andrew J Schultz, David A Kofke, and Steven J Weinstein
Published in AIChE 60, 9 (Tuesday, June 17, 2014)


The low‐density equation of state of a fluid along its critical isotherm is considered. An asymptotically consistent approximant is formed having the correct leading‐order scaling behavior near the vapor‐liquid critical point, while retaining the correct low‐density behavior as expressed by the virial equation of state. The formulation is demonstrated for the Lennard–Jones fluid, and models for helium, water, and n‐alkanes. The ability of the approximant to augment virial series predictions of critical properties is explored, both in conjunction with and in the absence of critical‐property data obtained by other means. Given estimates of the critical point from molecular simulation or experiment, the approximant can refine the critical pressure or density by ensuring that the critical isotherm remains well‐behaved from low density to the critical region. Alternatively, when applied in the absence of other data, the approximant remedies a consistent underestimation of the critical density when computed from the virial series alone. © 2014 American Institute of Chemical Engineers AIChE J, 60: 3336–3349, 2014