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This program is designed for undergraduates, particularly underclassmen, including students currently studying at community colleges and primarily undergraduate institutions.  The program will support 10 student researchers per summer, most of whom will work in pairs with either a single research advisor or a team of advisors.  Projects will include topics of active research in observational astronomy, theoretical and computational astrophysics, gravitational wave data analysis, detector building and characterization, and scientific visualization.

Women, members of underrepresented minorities, and deaf or hard-of-hearing students are especially encouraged to apply.  RIT is host to the National Technical Institute for the Deaf and has extensive experience educating and providing support and access services to such students. Professional sign interpreters and ASL-fluent faculty member(s) will be made available for all program activities.

Though it is not required, we will look favorably on students who have some independent research experience.  You must not have completed your degree before the program begins. Due to NSF funding requirements, our program is open only to U.S. citizens or permanent residents.


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