Orbits.jpg The Galactic Center: A Laboratory for Fundamental Astrophysics and Galactic Nuclei
A. Ghez et al, including David Merritt
Science white paper for the Astro2010 Decadal Survey (March 1, 2009) [arXiv:0903.0383]
spaghetti-junction_250.jpg Engineering Einstein: Astrophysical Black Holes
John Hawley and Julian Krolik, with Andrei Beloborodov, Omer Blaes, Manuela Campanelli, Paolo Coppi, Charles Gammie, Fulvio Melia, Stuart Shapiro, Jim Stone, and Ellen Zweibel
The Astronomy and Astrophysics Decadal Survey Science White Papers no. 116 (February 28, 2009) [ADS 2009astro2010S.116H]
The Nuclear Star Cluster of the Milky Way: Proper Motions and Mass
David Merritt
Astronomy and Astrophysics 502, Number 1 91 (February 22, 2009) [arxiv:0902.3892]
fig_orbits.jpg Explaining the Orbits of the Galactic Center S-Stars
David Merritt Alessia Gualandris Seppo Mikkola
The Astrophysical Journal Letters 693 L35 (February 10, 2009) [arxiv:0812.4517]
A Counterpart to the Radial-Orbit Instability in Triaxial Stellar Systems
Fabio Antonini Roberto Capuzzo-Dolcetta David Merritt
MNRAS 399, Issue 2 671 (January 27, 2009) [arXiv:0901.4485]
G3.5_PN_NUM_2_2.jpg Comparison of Post-Newtonian and Numerical Evolutions of Black-Hole Binaries
Hiroyuki Nakano, Manuela Campanelli, Carlos O. Lousto, Yosef Zlochower
proceedings of 18th Workshop on General Relativity and Gravitation in Japan (JGRG18), Hiroshima, Japan, 17-21 Nov 2008. (January 23, 2009) [arXiv:0901.3861]
Psum_maxcoin_0570__0579_1.png Einstein@Home search for periodic gravitational waves in LIGO S4 data
B. Abbott et al (LIGO Scientific Collaboration), including J. T. Whelan
Physical Review D 79 022001 (January 19, 2009) [arXiv:0804.1747]
0804.3824.jpg Regular second order perturbations of binary black holes: The extreme mass ratio regime
Carlos O. Lousto, Hiroyuki Nakano
Classical and Quantum Gravity 26 015007 (December 31, 2008) [arXiv:0804.3824]
pipeline_sensitivity.png First joint search for gravitational-wave bursts in LIGO and GEO 600 data
B. Abbott et al (LIGO Scientific Collaboration), including J. T. Whelan
Classical and Quantum Gravity 25 245008 (November 26, 2008) [arXiv:0807.2834]
f2.jpg Post-Newtonian simulations of super-massive black hole binaries in galactic nuclei
I. Berentzen M. Preto P. Berczik D. Merritt R. Spurzem
Astronomische Nachrichten 329 904 (November 24, 2008) [arxiv:0810.5253]


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