A Characteristic Extraction Tool for Gravitational Waveforms
M.C. Babiuc, B. Szilagyi, J. Winicour, Y. Zlochower
Physical Review D 84, Issue 4 044057 (November 7, 2010) [arXiv:1011.4223v1 [gr-qc]]
fig1.gif Search for Gravitational Waves from Compact Binary Coalescence in LIGO and Virgo Data from S5 and VSR1
J. Abadie et al [including J. T. Whelan] (LIGO Scientific Collaboration and Virgo Collaboration)
Physical Review D 82 102001 (November 4, 2010) [arXiv:1005.4655]
Modeling maximum astrophysical gravitational recoil velocities
Carlos Lousto and Yosef Zlochower
Phys. Rev. D 83 024003 (November 1, 2010) [arXiv:1011.0593]
spiral-galaxy.jpg The HST/ACS Coma Cluster Survey III. Structural Parameters of Galaxies using single-S\'ersic Fits
Carlos Hoyos et al. [including David Merritt]
Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society 411 2439 (October 11, 2010) [arXiv:1010.2352]
On Providing Successful Research Experiences for Undergraduates
Reynold J. Bailey and Hans-Peter Bischof and Minseok Kwon and Tracy Miller and Rajendra K. Raj
Proceedings of the 41st ASEE/IEEE Frontiers in Education Conference (FIE 2011) (September 30, 2010) [FIE 2011]
pulsar.jpg Towards relativistic orbit fitting of Galactic center stars and pulsars
Raymond Angelil, Prasenjit Saha and David Merritt
The Astrophysical Journal 720 1303 (September 19, 2010) [arxiv:1007.0007]
UpperLimitsRMode.gif First search for gravitational waves from the youngest known neutron star
J. Abadie et al [including J. T. Whelan] (LIGO Scientific Collaboration)
The Astrophysical Journal 722 1504 (September 19, 2010) [arXiv:1006.2535]
Extreme-Mass-Ratio-Black-Hole-Binary Evolutions with Numerical Relativity
Carlos O. Lousto and Yosef Zlochower
Phys.Rev.Lett. 106 041101 (September 1, 2010) [arXiv:1009.0292]
B-stars.jpg Dynamical Constraints on the Origin of the Young B-stars in the Galactic Center
Hagai Perets and Alessia Gualandris
The Astrophysical Journal 719 220 (August 29, 2010) [arxiv:1004.2703]
fig6_90mm_LSCloop_RF_simple.png Calibration of the LIGO Gravitational Wave Detectors in the Fifth Science Run
J. Abadie et al [including J. T. Whelan] (LIGO Scientific Collaboration)
Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research A 624 223 (August 9, 2010) [arXiv:1007.3973]


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