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Bothros is a ray-tracing code to post-process data from a general relativistic 3-d MHD simulation
The Einstein Toolkit software is an open-source, community-driven code for relativistic astrophysics and gravitational physics. CCRG members contribute to the development of the toolkit.
Gwin is a code for astrophysics parameter inference.
The Harm3D code solves the relativistic MHD equations on arbitrary dynamical spacetimes in arbitrary coordinate systems.
HarmNR is a numerical relativity framework for Harm3D.
Inverse Curl is a public code developed at RIT which invert the vector potential A to obtain the magnetic field B in a fully relativistic context.
LSC Algorithm Library Suite
LazEv is the in-house numerical relativity code for binary black hole simulations. It's based on the "moving puncture approach" which produced a breakthrough in numerical relativity in 2005.
Public numerical relativity software using multi-domain spectral methods
A number of software packages are useful for working with LIGO data. The RIT's Ligo Scientific collaboration uses public LIGO codes for its data analysis tasks.