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PI: Yosef Zlochower; Co-PI(s): Manuela Campanelli, Joshua Faber
Award: NSF OAC-2004044 Dates: 07/01/2020—06/30/2024; Funds: $439,675
PI: Dr Carlos Lousto; Co-PI(s): Richard O'Shaughnessy, Manuela Campanelli
Award: NSF PHY-PHY20007 Dates: 09/01/2019—08/31/2022; Funds: $0
PI: Carlos Lousto; Co-PI(s): Nicole Rosato
Award: NSF NCSA UIUC-1238993/067846-17494 Dates: 06/01/2019—07/31/2020; Funds: $50,000
PI: Carlos Lousto; Co-PI(s): Manuela Campanelli, Richard O'Schaughnessy and Yosef Zlochower
Award: NSF PHY-1912632 Dates: 01/09/2019—07/08/2022; Funds: $450,000