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Sustained-Petascale in Action: Blue Waters Enabling Transformative Science and Engineering
PI:  Carlos Lousto; Co-PI: (s): Nicole Rosato
Award:  NSF NCSA UIUC-1238993/067846-17494 Dates:  06/01/2019—07/31/2020; Funds:  $50,000


We use puncture based initial data, and thus our new data are manifestly compatible with the moving puncture approach. We are in the process of fine-tuning the algorithm for highly-spinning binaries with arbitrary spin-orientations and have already produced waveforms for highly-spinning binaries with specific spin orientations. We will extend this project from solely initial data to full testing of evolutions with simulations of highly spinning and large mass ratios. We would like to try to improve the analytic setup and optimize the code used to simulate these mergers via changes in the Hamiltonian and momentum constraints in the initial conditions of the simulation. Simulations of this type, even optimized, require the use of a large number of cores/nodes, and thus require parallel computing resources.

CCRG Investigators

Lousto, Carlos O.