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Curator: Mark Avara
Contributors: Mark Avara, Dennis Bowen, Vassilios Mewes, Manuela Campanelli, Julian Krolik, Scott Noble

PatchworkMHD is a new code for magnetohydrodynamics simulations that permit efficient computation of heterogeneous systems involving multiple kinds of physics, multiple lengthscales, and multiple reference frames.

 When coupled with Harm3D it provides a tool capable of multi-moving-mesh simulations of general relativistic magnetohydrodynamics in evolving background spacetimes. It has the flexibility to perform simulations of sophisticated astrophysical systems in ways that are more efficient and more accurate than traditional single-mesh approaches.

The new PatchworkMHD code is developed at RIT, and it builds on the communication infrastructure of Patchwork, developed with collaborators at John Hopkins and U.Tulsa/NASA Goddard.

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