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Gravitational Wave Beacons
By Carlos O. Lousto, James Healy
Submitted to Physical Review (Monday, May 21, 2018)


We explore spinning, precessing, unequal mass binary black holes to display the long term angular orbital momentum flip dynamics. We consider two case studies of binaries with mass ratios q=1/7 and q=1/15 and a highly spinning large black hole with misaligned intrinsic spin S2/m22=0.85. We perform full numerical simulations to evolve them down to merger for nearly 14 and 18 orbits respectively and a full L-flip cycle. The pattern of radiation of such systems is of particular interest displaying strong polarization-dependent variation of amplitudes at precessional frequencies leading to interesting observational consequences for ground, space, and pulsar timing based gravitational wave detectors. These features can be exploited to observe different ranges of binary masses in one frequency band.

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Lousto, Carlos O.