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Feist, Noelle
Ph.D. Research Student


  • Ph.D. in Astrophysical Sciences and Technology
    Rochester Institute of Technology
  • B.S. in Astrophysics, Physics
    University of Minnesota


Noelle earned her B.S. in Physics and Astrophysics from the University of Minnesota in early 2023 and worked on cross-correlating gravitational wave signals with galaxy overdensity over large sky surveys. She started her Ph.D. in late 2023 here at RIT in the Astrophysical Sciences and Technology program. 

As part of her Ph.D. work at RIT, Noelle is currently working with Dr. Manuela Campanelli's research group, and she is working with numerical simulations of supermassive binary black hole (SMBBH) mergers. These simulations use a general relativistic, magnetohydrodynamical (GRMHD) formulation. In these simulations, Noelle is currently implementing a rudimentary approach for radiation transport known as leakage.

In her free time, Noelle likes to create and play videogames and spend times with her friends, family, and cat. She is also an advocate for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, both in her professional and personal life.

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