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Moolekamp, Fred
Visiting Scholar at RIT
Research Scientist at LSST
Visiting Research Associate at Princeton University



After taking an astronomy class my sophmore year of college, it took me several years to decide to return to school (while working full time) and pursue a career in physics and astronomy. My main enjoyment comes from solving difficult problems, regardless of which area of math or science the problem is in. In fact, I often enjoy working on problems in new subfields that require me to research and learn about new areas of science and mathematics. This has resulted in many changes in my active field of research, from an optics lab as an undergraduate, to both experimental and theoretical high energy physics in graduate school, the finally settling down in observational astronomy for my PhD research. My current research involves working on a deblender for the LSST, which separates the flux from overlapping "blends" of stars and galaxies to estimate the "true" flux from each object.

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