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Fernando, A. H.
Ph.D. Research Student


  • MSc. Applied and Computational Mathematics (Focus: Mathematical Modeling, Data Science, and Machine Learning)
    SUNY Buffalo State College, U.S.
  • MSc. Electrical Engineering (Focus: Digital Signal Processing and Hardware Engineering)
    Gannon University, U.S.
  • MSc. Mechanical Engineering (Focus: Thermofluid Mechanics)
    Gannon University, U.S.
  • MSc. Engineering Management (Focus: Program/Project Management and Systems Engineering)
    Gannon University, U.S.
  • MBA. International Business Strategy and Leadership (Focus: Innovation, Strategy, and Entrepreneurship)
    Gannon University, U.S.
  • BSc. Physics
    Edinboro University of Pennsylvania, U.S.
  • BA. Individualized Studies (Focus: Mathematics and Computer Science)
    Edinboro University of Pennsylvania, U.S.
  • P.Dip. Computing (Focus: Cyber Security and Software Architecture)
    NCC Education, U.K.


A. H. Fernando is a doctoral student working with Prof. Richard O'Shaughnessy at the Center for Computational Relativity and Gravitation (CCRG). Fernando's primary interests lie in the intersection of astrophysics, quantum field theory, relativity, and cosmology with a secondary focus on imaging instrumentation. In his current work he collaborates with his research team to build novel mathematical and computational tools using first-principled and data-oriented approaches. Before coming to RIT, Fernando has worked in academia as well as in multiple industries for several years.

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