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By Torsey, B. M., Weinstein, S. J., Ross, D. A., and Barlow, N. S.
Published in Journal of Fluid Mechanics 910, A38-1 (2020)
By E R Belden, Z A Dickman, S J Weinstein, A D Archibee, E Burroughs, N S Barlow
Published in Quarterly Journal of Mechanics and Applied Mathematics 73, 36 (2020)
By Steven J. Weinstein, David S. Ross, Kenneth J. Ruschak and Nathaniel S. Barlow
By Elizabeth R. Belden, Zachary A. Dickman, Steven J. Weinstein, Alex D.
By Colin Huber, Meaghan Hoitt, Nicole Hill, Kimberlee Keithley, Steven J. Weinstein, Nathaniel S.
By Ryne J. Beachley, Morgan Mistysyn, Joshua A. Faber, Steven J. Weinstein, Nathaniel S. Barlow