The Astrophysical Black Hole Merger Workshop VI, June 22-23, 2016.

The Astrophysical Black Hole Merger Workshop VI

Location: Room 2150 (9am-6pm), Building 78  


Manuela Campanelli <>

Julian Krolik <> 

Administrative Assistants

Daniel Mancuso - Administrative & Financial Coordinator <>,

Qin Ye - Sr. Staff Assistant <>

Program: Tuesday, June 21

9:30am                   Welcome and logistics

Global Status Reports:

9:35--10:05am   First work on circumbinary disks feeding mini-disks

                             Resummed spacetime: speed, no artifacts in connections, spins

                             Toward numerical relativity + MHD

                             Blue Waters allocation (overview)

                             New, broader program at RIT (multi-messenger + 3G)

                             10 min discussion

10:15--10:45am    Progress in circumbinary stream dynamics and thermodynamics

                             Interaction of black hole spin with accretion

                             Multi-patch development

                             10 min discussion

10:55--11:10am    Coffee break

Detailed Status Reports:

11:10--11:30am     "Lump" paper

                               MHD in multi-patch

                              10 min discussion

11:40am--noon      Tidal truncation radii in pN

                              "Sloshing" and spiral waves

                               First 3-d runs

                              10 min discussion

12:10pm-12:30pm Spacetime construction, adding spins

                              10 min discussion

12:40--2pm            Lunch

2:00--2:20pm          Time-dependent Monte Carlo radiation transfer

                                10 min discussion

2:30--2:50pm          Multi-patch: heterogeneous time-steps, add/remove patches

                                First science/test run: stabilizing boundary conditions

                                10 min discussion

3:00--3:20pm          B —> A and IllinoisGRHMD

                                10 min discussion

3:30--3:45pm          Coffee break

3:45--4:05pm          NR in spherical coordinates

                                10 min discussion

4:15--4:35pm          TBA

                                10 min discussion

4:45--5:05pm          Transition to merger

                                10 min discussion

5:15–5:25pm          Visualization with Visit 

Program: Wednesday, June 22

The Coming Year

9:30--10:30am      Multi-patch development methods paper, introducing MHD, 

                                HARM3D version reconciliation

10:30--10:45am       Coffee break

10:45--11:45am       Multi-patch applied to BBH problems:

                                 stream/mini-disk shocks, sloshing, accretion-sharing, spin-orbit interactions,.....

noon -- 1:30pm        Lunch

1:30--2:30pm           NR+MHD from inspiral to merger, NR in spherical coordinates:

                                 Harm3D vs EinsteinToolkit vs IllinoisGRHMD 

---End of Meeting/Travel


Scott Noble <>

Julian Krolik <>

Zach Etienne <>

Thomas Baumgarte <>

Jeremy Schnittman <>

"Bernard J. Kelly" <>

Roseanne Cheng <>

Hotaka Shiokawa <>

John Baker <>

RIT participants:

Brennan Ireland <>
Dennis Bowen <>

Joshua Faber <>

Zachary Silberman <>

Yosef Zlochower <>

Jam Sadiq <>

James Healy <>

Richard O'Shaughnessy <

Carlos Lousto <>

Jason Nordhaus <>

Remote Participants (Hang-out):
Bruno C. Mundim <>

Vassilios Mewes <>

Mark Avara <>

Hiroyuki Nakano <>

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