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View of the building the CCRG is located in from the outside.
Welcome to the CCRG, located in the Laboratory for Applied Computing (LAC) on the west side of RIT's main campus.
Main Hallway
Main hallway of the CCRG, with faculty standing by their offices (right) and some faculty with offices elsewhere (left).
On the top floor of LAC is the main hallway, home to a number of faculty offices...
Main space
A view of the main CCRG space from the hallway.  The computing cluster is visible on the left, and the main meeting area is visible on the right. well as our main space, which includes meeting areas, office space, and our computing facilities.
Meeting area
CCRG members sitting in the main meeting area, along with former RIT provost Jeremy Haefner, for a lunch meeting.  From the left moving clockwise: Carlos Lousto, Jeremy Haefner, Dennis Bowen, Manuela Campanelli, Jam Sadiq, Hans-Peter Bischof, Yosef Zlochower, Zachary Silberman, Joshua Faber, Vassilios Mewes, Stephane d'Ascoli.
Here is our main meeting area, where we hold discussions, events, talks, and more.
Director's office
CCRG Director Manuela Campanelli (left) and Financial & Admin Assistant Qin Ye (right) standing outside their offices.
Just around the corner is the office of our director, Manuela Campanelli, along with her assistant Qin Ye.
Main postdoc office
Main CCRG postdoc office.  From left to right: Vassilios Mewes, Dennis Bowen, Mark Avara.
Just next to Manuela's office is the main postdoc office.
Main student office
Main CCRG student office.  From front to back: Zachary Silberman, Brennan Ireland, Tanmayee Gupte, Gabriel Guidarelli.
Next to the postdocs is the main student office, which includes cubicles for graduate students, and a big table for undergraduate researchers and visitors.
Downstairs Student Office
From front to back: Jam, Jared, Jake, Nicole, Dan
Downstairs and across the hall is another graduate student office.
Satellite offices
Happy Postdocs
Around the corner from the downstairs student office, we have some additional satellite offices for postdocs and visiting scholars.