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Spiegel – a Visualization Framework
Spiegel is a visualization framework that allows one to visualize large-scale systems like the simulation runs of stellar systems and small scale systems like the structure of proteins. Spiegel can be easily extended to meet specialized visualization needs because of its pipeline architecture. Spiegel is a specialized operating system, which is controlled and used by two programing languages. One language, spiegel, controls the static part of a visualization program. It allows connecting components to a directed acyclic graph. Each component may have many in- and out-put streams. The second language, advl, controls the dynamic behavior of the execution of the visualization program. The Spiegel system was developed at RIT. More than 50 students contributed to the project.

The Spiegel Team
Dr. Hans-Peter Bischof
Short Description
Spiegel is Dr. Hans-Peter Bischof's visualization software.