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The Third RIT binary black hole simulations catalog
By James Healy, Carlos O. Lousto
Published in Physical Review D 102, 104018 (Friday, November 6, 2020)


The third release of the RIT public catalog of numerical relativity black-hole-binary waveforms http://ccrg.rit.edu/~RITCatalog consists of 777 accurate simulations that include 300 precessing and 477 nonprecessing binary systems with mass ratios q=m1/m2 in the range 1/15≤q≤1 and individual spins up to s/m2=0.95. The catalog also provides initial parameters of the binary, trajectory information, peak radiation, and final remnant black hole properties. The waveforms are corrected for the center-of-mass drifting and are extrapolated to future null infinity. We successfully test this correction comparing with simulations of low radiation content initial data. As an initial application of this waveform catalog we reanalyze all the peak radiation and remnant properties to find new, simple, correlations among them for practical astrophysical usage.

CCRG Authors

Lousto, Carlos O.