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The second RIT binary black hole simulations catalog and its application to gravitational waves parameter estimation
By James Healy, Carlos O. Lousto, Jacob Lange, Richard O’Shaughnessy, Yosef Zlochower, and Manuela Campanelli
Published in Physical Review D 100, 024021 (Friday, July 12, 2019)


The RIT numerical relativity group is releasing the second public catalog of black-hole-binary waveforms http://ccrg.rit.edu/~RITCatalog. This release consists of 320 accurate simulations that include 46 precessing and 274 nonprecessing binary systems with mass ratios q=m1/m2 in the range 1/7≤q≤1 and individual spins up to s/m2=0.95. The new catalog contains search and ordering tools for the waveforms based on initial parameters of the binary, trajectory information, peak radiation, and final remnant black hole properties. The final black hole remnant properties provided here can be used to model the merger of black-hole binaries from its initial configurations. The waveforms are extrapolated to future null infinity and can be used to independently interpret gravitational wave signals from laser interferometric detectors. As an application of this waveform catalog we reanalyze the signal of GW150914 implementing parameter estimation techniques that make use of only numerical waveforms without any reference to information from phenomenological waveforms models.