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Mass transfer in asymptotic-giant-branch binary systems
By Z. Chen, A. Frank, E. G. Blackman, J. Nordhaus, J. Carroll-Nellenback
Published in Proceedings of the International Astronomical Union 12, 367-368(Monday, August 7, 2017)


Binary stars can interact via mass transfer when one member (the primary) ascends onto a giant branch. The amount of gas ejected by the binary and the amount of gas accreted by the secondary over the lifetime of the primary influence the subsequent binary phenomenology. Some of the gas ejected by the binary will remain gravitationally bound and its distribution will be closely related to the formation of planetary nebulae. We investigate the nature of mass transfer in binary systems containing an AGB star by adding radiative transfer to the AstroBEAR AMR Hydro/MHDcode.

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Nordhaus, Jason