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Spinning, Precessing, Black Hole Binary Spacetime via Asymptotic Matching
By Hiroyuki Nakano Brennan Ireland Manuela Campanelli Eric J. West
Published in Classical and Quantum Gravity Volume 33, Number 24, 247001 (Wednesday, August 3, 2016)


We briefly discuss a method to construct a global, analytic, approximate spacetime for precessing, spinning binary black holes. The spacetime construction is broken into three parts: the inner zones are the spacetimes close to each black hole, and are approximated by perturbed Kerr solutions; the near zone is far from the two black holes, and described by the post-Newtonian metric; and finally the wave (far) zone, where retardation effects need to be taken into account, is well modeled by the post-Minkowskian metric. These individual spacetimes are then stitched together using asymptotic matching techniques to obtain a global solution that approximately satisfies the Einstein field equations. Precession effects are introduced by rotating the black hole spin direction according to the precessing equations of motion, in a way that is consistent with the global spacetime construction.

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Campanelli, Manuela