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Modeling gravitational recoil from precessing highly-spinning unequal-mass black-hole binaries
By Carlos O. Lousto Yosef Zlochower
Published in Physical Review D 79, 064018 (Tuesday, March 17, 2009)


We measure the gravitational recoil for unequal-mass-black-hole-binary mergers, with the larger BH having spin a/m=0.8, and the smaller BH non-spinning. We choose our configurations such that, initially, the spins lie on the orbital plane. The spin and orbital plane precess significantly, and we find that the out-of plane recoil (i.e. the recoil perpendicular to the orbital plane around merger) varies as eta2/(1+q), in agreement with our previous prediction, based on the post-Newtonian scaling.

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Lousto, Carlos O.