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Perturbations of Spacetime around a Stationary Rotating Cosmic String
By Kouji Ogawa, Hideki Ishihara, Hiroshi Kozaki, Hiroyuki Nakano
Published in Physical Review D 79, 063501 (Tuesday, March 3, 2009)


We consider the metric perturbations around a stationary rotating Nambu-Goto string in Minkowski spacetime. By solving the linearized Einstein equations, we study the effects of azimuthal frame dragging around the rotation axis and linear frame dragging along the rotation axis, the Newtonian logarithmic potential, and the angular deficit around the string as the potential mode. We also investigate gravitational waves propagating off the string and propagating along the string, and show that the stationary rotating string emits gravitational waves toward the directions specified by discrete angles from the rotation axis. Waveforms, polarizations, amplitudes which depend on the direction are shown explicitly.