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Regular second order perturbations of binary black holes: The extreme mass ratio regime
By Carlos O. Lousto Hiroyuki Nakano
Published in Classical and Quantum Gravity 26, 015007 (Wednesday, December 31, 2008)


In order to derive the precise gravitational waveforms for extreme mass ratio inspirals (EMRI), we develop a formulation for the second order metric perturbations produced by a point particle moving in the Schwarzschild spacetime. The second order waveforms satisfy a wave equation with an effective source build up from products of the first order perturbations and its derivatives. We have explicitly regularized this source at the horizon and at spatial infinity. We show that the effective source does not contain squares of the Dirac's delta and that perturbations are regular at the particle location. We introduce an asymptotically flat gauge for the radiation fields and the l=0 mode to compute explicitly the (leading) second order l=2 waveforms in the headon collision case. This case represents the first completion of the radiation reaction program self-consistently.

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Lousto, Carlos O.