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On the origin of hyperfast neutron stars
by Vasilii Gvaramadze Alessia Gualandris Simon Portegies Zwart
Published in IAU Symp. 246, 365 (Wednesday, December 26, 2007)


We propose an explanation for the origin of hyperfast neutron stars (e.g. PSR B1508+55, PSR B2224+65, RX J0822-4300) based on the hypothesis that they could be the remnants of a symmetric supernova explosion of a high-velocity massive star (or its helium core) which attained its peculiar velocity (similar to that of the neutron star) in the course of a strong three- or four-body dynamical encounter in the core of a young massive star cluster. This hypothesis implies that the dense cores of star clusters (located either in the Galactic disk or near the Galactic centre) could also produce the so-called hypervelocity stars -- the ordinary stars moving with a speed of ~1000 km/s.

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Binary Neutron Stars