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Contributed Talk by Lousto, Carlos O.


Using exclusively the 777 full numerical waveforms of the third binary black hole RIT catalog, we reanalyze the ten black hole merger signals reported in LIGO/Virgo’s O1/O2 observation runs. We obtain binary parameters, extrinsic parameters, and the remnant properties of these gravitational waves events which are consistent with, but not identical to, previously presented results. We have also analyzed three additional events (GW170121, GW170304, GW170727) reported by Venumadhav, Zackay, Roulet, Dai, and Zaldarriaga [Phys. Rev. D 101, 083030 (2020)] and found closely matching parameters. We finally assess the accuracy of our waveforms with convergence studies applied to O1/O2 events and found them adequate for current estimation of parameters.