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Einstein Toolkit Beginner User Workshop to be held April 4-6, 2012 at Georgia Tech
PI:  Pablo Laguna; Co-PI: (s): Frank Loffler, Joshua Faber
Award:  NSF PHY-1214449 Dates:  03/15/2012—02/28/2013; Funds:  $10,000


The Einstein Toolkit is an infrastructure that enables modeling in relativistic astrophysics, with particular emphasis in sources of gravitational radiation. This platform is currently being used by dozens of researchers across the world. The proposed workshop aims at training the new generation of users/developers, most of which are currently graduate students. The workshop is an essential tool for keeping the ET community connected and up to date, as well as a way to identify new developmental opportunities.

CCRG Investigators

Faber, Joshua

Research Areas

Numerical Relativity