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Collaborative Research: The Einstein Toolkit -- An Open-Source General Relativistic Multi-Physics Infrastructure for Relativistic Astrophysics
PI:  Manuela Campanelli; Co-PI: (s): Joshua Faber, Yosef Zlochower
Award:  NSF PHY-1212426 Dates:  09/15/2012—08/31/2015; Funds:  $113,252


This award supports the development of the Einstein Toolkit. The Einstein Toolkit is an open-source suite of computational tools that enables interdisciplinary research in numerical relativity, general relativistic astrophysics and gravitational wave physics, and takes advantage of the emerging generation of petascale supercomputers and new cyberinfrastructure technologies. The work supported by this award adds to the Einstein Toolkit transformative new technology in adaptive mesh refinements and general relativistic magneto-hydrodynamics, thus boosting simulation capabilities and unlocking new modeling frontiers. 

The computational infrastructure provided by the Einstein Toolkit has a broad positive impact on the gravitational physics and astrophysics communities. By publicly providing state-of-the-art modeling capabilities that otherwise would stay proprietary, the Einstein Toolkit maximizes the science return of funds invested in basic research. The numerical codes in the Einstein Toolkit support the quick realization of transformative computation and data-driven science stimulated by innovators entering the field. Furthermore, the Einstein Toolkit ensures the sustainability of simulation codes in numerical relativity by providing a straightforward mechanism for the migration of software to new cyberinfrastructure and technologies.

Research Areas

Numerical Relativity