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Reanalyzing gravitational wave events with an eccentric, higher-order mode model
  • Speaker:  Hector L Iglesias
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  • Location:  CCRG Lounge
  • Type: Lunch Talk

While it is well documented that the eccentricity of a binary is radiated away relatively quickly, it is still potentially possible to measure within gravitational wave signals detected by LIGO-Virgo. Recently, there have been limited studies that have claimed potential evidence of eccentricity; however, these studies each had limitations in the analysis, whether that be through an insufficient number of waveforms, limitations in the method, or potential waveform systematics. Here, I present a full parameter estimation analysis done with the RIFT algorithm using the eccentric version of the higher-order mode TEOBResumSGeneral model (from here on called TEOBResumSE). We analyze a handful of events with both TEOBResumSE and TEOBResumS, i.e. the non-eccentric version, for an apples-to-apples comparison and to calculate eccentric Bayes' Factors.