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Numerical evolution of the center of mass and angular momentum for binary black holes
  • Speaker:  Emmanuel Tassone
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  • Location:  Zoom
  • Type: Lunch Talk

The asymptotic approach derived by Kozameh-Quiroga provides a modern framework to obtain the evolution of global variables of isolated sources of gravitational radiation. We test the Kozameh-Quiroga formalism evolving the equations of motion for the center of mass, the intrinsic angular momentum, and several other global variables, for black hole binary coalescence. First, we evolve the equations of motion using 777 simulations from the RIT catalog of numerical data of ψ4 [J. Healy and C. O. Lousto, Third RIT binary black hole simulations catalog, Phys. Rev. D 102, 104018 (2020).].We then analyze the trajectory of the center of mass and compute the final state of other physical variables after the coalescence has taken place. Finally, we show that the results obtained from our equations of motion are consistent with those in the Rochester metadata.