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Enabling multi-messenger astronomy with gravitational waves
  • Speaker:  Ryan Magee
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  • Location:  Zoom
  • Type: Lunch Talk

Advanced LIGO and Advanced Virgo's third observing run identified one confident binary neutron star (BNS) candidate. No electromagnetic emission associated with this event was detected, highlighting the serendipitous and rare nature of GW170817. In this talk I'll describe two complementary efforts that attempt to facilitate additional multi-messenger discoveries as our ground-based detector network approaches design sensitivity. The first leverages the long-lived nature of BNS to detect and localize them prior to coalescence; this is crucial for tests of physics associated with pre-merger and prompt emission. The second aims to use information collected, but not necessarily exposed, by the detection pipelines to better understand the nature of the compact objects in near real-time. I will describe current progress and remaining technical hurdles in the lead up to the fourth observing run.