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Constraining the neutron star equation of state with future gravitational wave observations
  • Speaker:  Cecilia Chirenti
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  • Location:  Zoom
  • Type: Lunch Talk

Abstract: Neutron stars mark the crossroads between Einstein's purely geometric theory of general relativity and our (still) much messier understanding of cold catalyzed nuclear matter. Astrophysical measurements of mass and radius, together with laboratory experiments and numerical/theoretical developments have been gradually improving our understanding of the neutron star equation of state. Gravitational waves now bring additional information, such as constraints on the neutron star tidal deformability. In the near future, improvements in current detector sensitivity and new detectors will allow better constrains from more observations, and hopefully also from new types of observations. I will present the expected timeline for such developments and discuss their impact on our understanding of the neutron star equation of state from gravitational waves.