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High-Performance Numerical Relativity
  • Speaker: Dr Yosef Zlochower
  • Start Time: 
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  • Location: CCRG Lounge
  • Type: Lunch Talk

It has been 15 years since the breakthroughs in the numerical
relativity that allowed for the first time the simulations of
black-hole mergers and the associate gravitational waveforms. Today,
numerical relativity codes are used routinely for mutimessenger
simulations to produce electromagnetic, neutrino, and gravitational
wave signals from the mergers of compact objects.

The challenges today are accuracy and speed. For example, simulations
of the post-merger state of a neutron star binary can require some of
the largest computers and years long simulations. Similarly, with the
next generation of ground and spaced-based gravitational wave
detectors, the accuracy goals for gravitational waveform makes using
current codes prohibitively expensive.  In this talk, I will discuss
several efforts at RIT and elsewhere to develop new coding
infrastructures to efficiently evolve these systems.