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North American Einstein Toolkit workshop 2019
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  • Location:  Golisano Hall - Rm. 1400 20 Lomb Memorial Dr., Rochester, NY 14623.
  • Type: Workshop

We are pleased to announce the 2019 edition of the North American Einstein Toolkit workshop. The workshop to be held at the Rochester Institute of Technology will provide an opportunity for researchers and students to learn about the toolkit and discuss its future development.

The Einstein Toolkit https://einsteintoolkit.org/  is a community-driven software platform of core computational tools to advance and support research in relativistic astrophysics and gravitational physics.

The workshop brings together members of the Einstein Toolkit Community together with developers of other relativistic astrophysics codes. Morning sessions on the first two days dedicated to discussing the status and future directions of the toolkit, and afternoon sessions dedicated to tutorials for new users. The final day will be dedicated to discussing codes and techniques used by other collaborations and the feasibility of importing those algorithms into the toolkit.

Our program is available here.


  Monday (6/17) (Project overview talks) Tuesday (6/18) (Codes) Wednesday (6/19) (BNS)
9:00 AM Manuela Campanelli (RIT, Opening 9:15 am) Coffee and Pastries Coffee and Pastries
9:30 AM Pablo Laguna (Gatech, SSI2 PI overview), slides Larry Kidder (SpECTRE), slides David Radice, slides
10:00 AM Erik Schnetter David Neilsen (Dendro), 12, slides Zach Etienne (BNS with IGM)Slides
10:30 AM Steve Brandt (LSU, SSI2 site PI) Wolgang Tichy (BAM) Bruno Giacomazzo (BNS with WhiskyMHD)
11:00 AM Break Break Break
11:30 AM Gabrielle Allen (NCSA, SSI2 site PI overview) Zach Etienne (NRPy+)Slides Riccardo Ciolfi (BNS simulations), 12slides
12:00 PM Vassilios Mewes (SphericalBSSN) Federico Cipolletta (WhiskyMHD/Spritz) Philipp MoestaSlides
12:30 PM Lunch Break PIs and Developers Lunch Meeting (Bldg.74-2050) Lunch Break
1:00 PM Lunch Break PIs and Developers Lunch Meeting (Bldg.74-2050) Lunch Break
1:30 PM Lunch Break PIs and Developers Lunch Meeting (Bldg.74-2050) Lunch Break
2:00 PM Tutorial 1 (ETK Intro. Steve Brandt) Mark Avara (PWMHD) Thomas Baumgarte (Curvilinear GR) 
2:30 PM Tutorial 1 (ETK Intro. Steve Brandt) Tutorial 3 (Lorene, Faber/Gupte) , part 1 Scott Noble (BNS with TCAN/Harm3D)
3:00 PM Coffee Break Tutorial 3 (Lorene, Faber/Gupte) , part 2 Coffee Break
3:30 PM Ponce/Cheb-Terrab (ETK + Maple) Coffee Break Dennis Bowen (HarmNR)
4:00 PM Tutorial 2 (ETK, writing your own thorn, Zlochower/Mewes) Tutorial 4 (Simulation, Haas/Zlochower), slides Round Table, Future Directions Panel 1, The future ETK as a community ecosystem.
4:30 PM Tutorial 2 (ETK writing your own thorn, Zlochower/Mewes) Tutorial 4 (Simulation, Haas/Zlochower) Round Table, Future Directions Panel 2, Other code developments, lesson learned and cross-fertilization with ETK
5:00 PM Discussion Q&A Discussion Q&A Round Table, Future Directions Panel 3, Moving forward on BNS simulations and GRMHD.
5:30 PM      
6:00 PM   Social Dinner at Royal of India https://royalofindia.com/   


Live Broadcast through Bluejeans, please visit  https://bluejeans.com/4448930679 

Meeting Album

News report on WROC 8.

Mark Avara   (Rochester Institute of Technology)
Thomas Baumgarte (Bowdoin College)
Dennis Bowen  (Los Alamos)
Steven Brandt  (Louisiana State University)
Manuela Campanelli   (Rochester Institute of Technology)
Riccardo Ciolfi (INAF, Padova)
Zachariah Etienne (West Virginia University)
Joshua Faber   (Rochester Institute of Technology)
Roland Haas  (National Center for Supercomputing Applications)
Lawrence Kidder (Cornell University)
Pablo Laguna (Georgia Tech)
Vassilios Mewes  (Rochester Institute of Technology)
Philip Moesta (Berkeley)
David Neilsen (Brighan Young University)
Scott Noble (NASA-GSFC, University of Tulsa)
Marcelo Ponce (Scinet)
David Radice (Princeton, Penn State)
Erik Schnetter (Perimeter Institute)
Wolfgang Tichy (Florida Atlantic University)

When: Monday, June 17, 2019 to Wednesday, June 19, 2019.

Where: Golisano Hall - Rm. 1400 20 Lomb Memorial Dr., Rochester, NY 14623.

Registration: To sign up for this conference, please use the link here.

Registrations fees: $50 Faculty, $30 Students, $30 Postdocs

Travel: To plan your trip to this conference, please click here.

Lodging: The official hotel for the workshop is the Radisson Hotel Rochester Airport, which is adjacent to the RIT campus. To reserve a room, follow this link and use promo code ETKBRE.The deadline for hotel room reservations is May 24, 2019.

More information will be posted as it becomes available.

If you have any questions, please click here to contact, our staff Qin Ye.

For press and media, please contact Luke Auburn

More information about press and media, please click here

This workshop is sponsored by NSF grant PHY-1550436 and by the Center for Computational Relativity and Gravitation.