Psum_maxcoin_0570__0579_1.png Einstein@Home search for periodic gravitational waves in LIGO S4 data
B. Abbott et al (LIGO Scientific Collaboration), including J. T. Whelan
Physical Review D 79 022001 (January 19, 2009) [arXiv:0804.1747]
0804.3824.jpg Regular second order perturbations of binary black holes: The extreme mass ratio regime
Carlos O. Lousto, Hiroyuki Nakano
Classical and Quantum Gravity 26 015007 (December 31, 2008) [arXiv:0804.3824]
pipeline_sensitivity.png First joint search for gravitational-wave bursts in LIGO and GEO 600 data
B. Abbott et al (LIGO Scientific Collaboration), including J. T. Whelan
Classical and Quantum Gravity 25 245008 (November 26, 2008) [arXiv:0807.2834]
f2.jpg Post-Newtonian simulations of super-massive black hole binaries in galactic nuclei
I. Berentzen M. Preto P. Berczik D. Merritt R. Spurzem
Astronomische Nachrichten 329 904 (November 24, 2008) [arxiv:0810.5253]
LM_XY_PP_MBIS.jpg An Instability in Triaxial Stellar Systems
Fabio Antonini and David Merritt
Astronomische Nachrichten 329 900 (November 24, 2008) [arXiv:0809.0161]
egw_hist.png Search for Gravitational-Wave Bursts from Soft Gamma Repeaters
B. Abbott et al (LIGO Scientific Collaboration), including J. T. Whelan; S. Barthelmy, N. Gehrels, K. C. Hurley, D. Palmer
Physical Review Letters 101 211102 (November 20, 2008) [arXiv:0808.2050]
SRDSensitivity.png Searching for gravitational waves from Cassiopeia A with LIGO
K Wette et al, including J T Whelan
Classical and Quantum Gravity 25 235011 (November 16, 2008) [arXiv:0802.3332]
TypeII.jpg Gravitational Wave Recoil Oscillations of Black Holes: Implications for Unified Models of Active Galactic Nuclei
David Merritt
The Astrophysical Journal Letters 689 L89 (November 5, 2008) [arxiv:0811.1037]
velmap.jpg The nuclear star cluster of the Milky Way
David Merritt
Journal of Physics: Conference Series 131 012044 (October 23, 2008) [arXiv:0810.0204]
The Mock LISA Data Challenges: from Challenge 1B to Challenge 3
S Babak et al (The Mock LISA Data Challenge Task Force) and K Arnaud et al (the Challenge 1B participants, including J T Whelan)
Classical and Quantum Gravity 25 184026 (September 1, 2008) [arXiv:0806.2110]


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