0709.3367.jpg Implementing Few-Body Algorithmic Regularization with Post-Newtonian Terms
Seppo Mikkola David Merritt
The Astronomical Journal 135 2398 (November 20, 2007) [arXiv:0709.3367]
0711.1165.png Foundations of multiple black hole evolutions
Carlos O. Lousto Yosef Zlochower
Phys. Rev. D 77 024034 (November 7, 2007) [arXiv:0711.1165]
0711.0643.jpg A parallel gravitational N-body kernel
Simon Portegies Zwart Steve McMillan Derek Groen Alessia Gualandris Michael Sipior Willem Vermin
New Astronomy 13.5 285 (November 4, 2007) [arXiv:0711.0643]
0710.5542.jpg Three-body equations of motion in successive post-Newtonian approximations
Carlos O. Lousto, Hiroyuki Nakano
Class. Quant. Grav. 25 195019 (October 28, 2007) [arXiv:0710.5542]
0709.3559.jpg Implementation of standard testbeds for numerical relativity
M. C. Babiuc S. Husa D. Alic I. Hinder C. Lechner E. Schnetter B. Szilagyi Y. Zlochower N. Dorband D. Pollney J. Winicour
Class. Quant. Grav. 25 125012 (September 21, 2007) [arXiv:0709.3559]
0708.4048.jpg Further insight into gravitational recoil
Carlos O. Lousto Yosef Zlochower
Phys. Rev. D 77 044028 (August 29, 2007) [arXiv:0708.4048]
f2a.jpg The Black Hole Mass of NGC 4151: Comparison of Reverberation Mapping and Stellar Dynamical Measurements
David Merritt
The Astrophysical Journal 670.1 105 (August 8, 2007) [arxiv:0708.1196]
0708.0771.jpg Ejection of Supermassive Black Holes from Galaxy Cores
Alessia Gualandris David Merritt
The Astrophysical Journal 678.2 780 (August 5, 2007) [arXiv:0708.0771]
0708.0450.jpg Second Order Quasi-Normal Mode of the Schwarzschild Black Hole
Hiroyuki Nakano, Kunihito Ioka
Phys. Rev. D 76 084007 (August 2, 2007) [arXiv:0708.0450]
New Frontiers In Numerical Relativity
M. Campanelli, L. Rezzolla
Class. Quantum Grav. Special Volume 24 51-5379 (July 16, 2007) [Bristol, IOP]


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