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Federico Cipolletta
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Postdoctoral Researcher at CCRG RIT, Rochester, NY(2019)
Postdoctoral research at University of Trento and TIFPA - INFN, Trento, Italy(2018)
Research Technician for Industrialization Processes at Sigma S.p.A., Monterubbiano, Italy(2017)


  • 2016 - Ph.D. in Relativistic Astrophysics
    IRAP Ph.D. program at ICRANet, "Sapienza" University of Rome, Italy
  • 2012 - M. Sc. in Mathematics and Application
    University of Camerino, Camerino,Italy


I studied Mathematics at the University of Camerino, Italy. My master graduation thesis was in GR and I decided to continue my study of this branch with a Ph.D. in Relativistic Astrophysics at ICRANet at the University of Rome. There, I studied the numerical modeling of fast rotating self-gravitating NS, both in GR and Newtonian Gravity.

After that, I have been employed in for a Post-Doc position in numerical simulations of BNS mergers, using the ETK software platform at the University of Trento. Here, I focused on developing a new GRMHD code in order to perform such a task, that soon will be released.

Stay tuned...

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