Chakrabarti, Sukanya

Assistant Professor, of Physics and Astronomy (SoPA), Program Faculty in Astrophysical Sciences and Technology (AST), College of Science (COS)
UC Berkeley
CAR 3128
(585) 475-5352
dynamical evolution of galaxies
radiative transfer
dwarf galaxies


I use dynamical signatures of interactions to characterize galaxies that are too dark to be easily seen, and their emitted spectral energy distribution (from the optical to the IR) to characterize galaxies from the panoramic sequence of normal spirals to ULIRGs.   My research areas include dynamical evolution of galaxies, cosmology, radiative transfer, dwarf galaxies.

I recently talked about our discovery of clustered Cepheid variables, at the AAS January 2016 press conference :, and highlights are reported here:  This is the first example of the discovery of a dark-matter dominated dwarf galaxy that was predicted from a dynamical analysis.  This dynamical method gives us a new means to hunt for dark matter.



You can watch my TED-x talk on dark matter here: 

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