NewHorizons and Blue Sky Clusters


NewHorizons is a Linux-based specialized cluster dedicated to federally funded research in numerical relativity and computational relativistic astrophysics. Currently, it is a 736-core computational cluster with 64-bit AMD (2.6GHz and 3.0GHz) and Intel (3.47 GHz) CPUs, 2.9 TB of RAM, interconnected with a high-speed, low-latency QDR InfiniBand fabric, and 200TB storage pool.  It was initially purchased in 2007 and upgraded until recently through several NSF awards: (1) `` MRI: Acquisition of an Advanced Computer Cluster for Computational Relativity and Gravitation'' PHY-0722703 (PI Campanelli); (2) ``SCREMS: Next Generation Parallel Computing Infrastructure for Numerical Relativity''  DMS-0820923 (PI: Zlochower); (3) ``CDI-Type II: Collaborative Research: Computing Supermassive Black Hole Mergers in Astrophysics'' AST-1028087 grant (PI: Campanelli). It was also supported through RIT's start-up (PI: Campanelli) and other cost-share funds.

A new NSF MRI award (PHY-1229173) provides funds for the acquisition of a 600-core, high-speed, large-memory computer cluster, "BlueSky," dedicated to supporting interdisciplinary research at the frontiers of gravitational physics, relativistic astrophysics, advanced high performance computation, and scientific visualization. The cluster will be augmented with experimental GPU enabled nodes.

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