Dr. Jason Nordhaus

Assistant Professor

Department of Science and Mathematics

National Technical Institute for the Deaf

Rochester Institute of Technology

Rochester, NY U.S.A.

nordhaus [at] astro.rit.edu

I am an Assistant Professor and theoretical astrophysicist at the National Technical Institute for the Deaf at RIT, a core-faculty member in the Center for Computational Relativity and Gravitation in the School of Mathematical Sciences and a professor in the Astrophysics Ph.D. program in the School of Physics and Astronomy.  Previously,  I was an NSF Fellow at RIT and a Post-doctoral Fellow in the Department of Astrophysical Sciences at Princeton University.  I received my Ph.D. from the University of Rochester.

Currently, I am working on the theory of core-collapse supernovae, binary interactions on the post-main sequence, the origin of strongly magnetized compact objects, and the physics of common envelopes.

News: NPR; RIT; Princeton / NERSC Press Releases; UR Press Release; Time


University of Oxford - Seminar - Oxford, UK - Oct. 2014

UC Berkeley - Seminar - Berkeley, CA - April 2014

NSF AAPF Symposium - Washington D.C. - Jan. 2014

Asymmetric Planetary Nebulae VI - Riviera Maya, Mexico - Nov. 2013

University of Lisbon - Seminar - Lisbon, Portugal - May 2013

Canadian Institute for Theoretical Astrophysics - Seminar - Toronto, CA - Feb. 2013

NSF AAPF Symposium - Long Beach, CA - Jan. 2013

l’Observatoire de Paris - Seminar - Paris, France - Oct. 2012

CompStar: Physics and Astrophysics of Compact Stars - Tahiti, French Polynesia - June 2012

Leibniz-Institut fur Astrophysik Potsdam - Seminar - Berlin, Germany - April 2012

Microphysics in Computational Relativistic Astrophysics - Waterloo, Canada - June 2011

Strong Magnetic Fields and Neutron Stars - Varadero, Cuba - May 2011

Caltech - Seminar - Pasadena, CA - April 2011

Michigan State University - Seminar - East Lansing, MI - March 2011

Evolution of Cataclysmic and Compact Binaries, Columbia University - NYC - Nov. 2010

Joint Institute for Nuclear Astrophysics Frontiers Workshop - Lake Geneva, WI - Oct. 2010

Asymmetrical Planetary Nebulae V - Lake District, United Kingdom - June 2010

Kavli Institute for Theoretical Physics, UCSB - Santa Barbara, CA - March and May 2010

Macquarie University - Sydney, Australia - Feb and March 2010

With my cousin.