New Puncture Initial Data for Black-Hole Binaries: High Spins and High Boosts
Ian Ruchlin, James Healy, Carlos O. Lousto, Yosef Zlochower
(November 2, 2014) [arXiv:1410.8607]
Narrow-band search of continuous gravitational-wave signals from Crab and Vela pulsars in Virgo VSR4 data
J. Aasi et al [including R. O'Shaughnessy, J. T. Whelan, and Y. Zhang] (LIGO Scientific Collaboration)
(October 29, 2014) [arXiv:1410.8310]
Gravitational Self-Force Correction to the Innermost Stable Circular Equatorial Orbit of a Kerr Black Hole
Soichiro Isoyama, Leor Barack, Sam R. Dolan, Alexandre Le Tiec, Hiroyuki Nakano, Abhay G. Shah, Takahiro Tanaka, Niels Warburton
Physical Review Letters 113 161101 (October 15, 2014) [arXiv:1404.6133]
Flip-flopping binary black holes
Carlos O. Lousto and James Healy
(October 14, 2014) [arXiv:1410.3830v1]
Accurate and efficient waveforms for compact binaries on eccentric orbits
E. A. Huerta Prayush Kumar Sean T. McWilliams Richard O’Shaughnessy Nicolás Yunes
Physical Review D (October 9, 2014) [arXiv:1408.3406]
Testing the nonlinear stability of Kerr-Newman black holes
Miguel Zilhão Vitor Cardoso Carlos Herdeiro Luis Lehner Ulrich Sperhake
(October 1, 2014) [arxiv:1410.0694]
Resolving the relative influence of strong field spacetime dynamics and MHD on circumbinary disk physics
Miguel Zilhao, Scott C. Noble, Manuela Campanelli, Yosef Zlochower
Phys Rev D. (September 17, 2014) [arXiv:1409.4787]
First all-sky search for continuous gravitational waves from unknown sources in binary systems
J Aasi et al [including A Castiglia, S R P Mohapatra, and J T Whelan] (LIGO Scientific Collaboration and Virgo Collaboration)
Physical Review D 90 062010 (September 14, 2014) [arXiv:1405.7904]
Implementation of an F-statistic all-sky search for continuous gravitational waves in Virgo VSR1 data
J. Aasi et al [including A. Castiglia, S. R. P. Mohapatra, and J. T. Whelan] (LIGO Scientific Collaboration and Virgo Collaboration)
Classical and Quantum Gravity 31 165014 (August 4, 2014) [arXiv:1402.4974]
Decoding the final state in binary black hole mergers
James Healy and Pablo Laguna and Deirdre Shoemaker
(July 21, 2014) [arXiv:1407.5989]


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