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Zilhão, Miguel

Postdoctoral Researcher
University of Porto and University of Aveiro (Portugal), 2012

Miguel finished his PhD in 2012, at the Universities of Porto and Aveiro (Portugal). During his PhD, he worked mostly in the field of Numerical Relativity, having been directly involved in the first analysis of black hole collisions in five-dimensional spacetimes with the extraction of the corresponding gravitational wave signal. He was also involved in a numerical study of black hole dynamics in a spacetime with AdS-like global structure; explored dynamics of black holes in de Sitter spacetimes; and started efforts directed at studying the effect of charge in black hole collisions. 

At CCRG, Miguel has been involved in the ongoing efforts of the group towards modelling the dynamics and radiation of accretion disks and other astrophysical environments around supermassive black hole binaries.