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The Center for Computational Relativity and Gravitation (CCRG) is a Research Center of the College of Science (COS) and a Research Center of Excellence at Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT) dedicated to research at the frontiers of numerical relativity and relativistic astrophysics, gravitational-wave physics, its connection to experiments and observations, and high-performance computation and scientific visualization.

RIT researchers contributed to the first detection of gravitational waves, announced on Feb. 11. This milestone in physics and astronomy confirmed a major prediction of Albert Einstein’s 1915 general theory of relativity, and marked the beginning of the new field of gravitational-wave astronomy.

Numerical Simulation of GW150914

This visualization of a full numerical simulation of GW150914 [1] has the parameters of mass ratio q=m1/m2=0.82 and intrinsic spins a1=-0.44 and a2=+0.33 as described in.

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gRavItaTion - the dawn of a new era

A tale about the recent discovery from the perspective of RIT researchers whose work was instrumental to confirm Einstein’s theory of General Relativity.

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The Center for Computational Relativity & Gravitation (CCRG) at RIT

Rochester Institute of Technology's team of astrophysicists and astronomers are celebrating the 100th anniversary of Einstein’s Theory of General Relativity - and pushing his work forward.

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This live performance and multimedia presentation combines interpretive dance with computer simulations of black holes and neutron stars, gravitational waves and LIGO research.

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Manuela Campanelli | Rochester

We go to Rochester to visit a center for research on gravitational waves. Manuela Campanelli explains how the insight of Einstein will open a new phase in the observation of the Universe.

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