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The Center for Computational Relativity and Gravitation (CCRG) is a Research Center of the College of Science (COS) and a Research Center of Excellence at Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT) dedicated to research at the frontiers of numerical relativity and relativistic astrophysics, gravitational-wave physics, its connection to experiments and observations, and high-performance computation and scientific visualization.


Numerical Simulations of GW170104

Comparing the GW170104 signal seen by LIGO (in blue and orange) with computer simulations of black hole mergers (in black). The black circles represent the simulated black holes, scaled in proportion to their masses. Black holes can also spin about an axis, and where a simulated black hole was spinning we show the direction of the north pole with a gray arrow. The longer the arrow, the faster the spin. Interestingly, all of the simulations produce results broadly similar to the detected signal, despite their different configurations.

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Numerical Simulation of GW150914

This visualization of a full numerical simulation of GW150914 has the parameters of mass ratio q=m1/m2=0.82 and intrinsic spins a1=-0.44 and a2=+0.33 as described in.

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gRavItaTion - the dawn of a new era

A tale about the recent discovery from the perspective of RIT researchers whose work was instrumental to confirm Einstein’s theory of General Relativity.

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The Center for Computational Relativity & Gravitation (CCRG) at RIT

Rochester Institute of Technology's team of astrophysicists and astronomers are celebrating the 100th anniversary of Einstein’s Theory of General Relativity - and pushing his work forward.

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This live performance and multimedia presentation combines interpretive dance with computer simulations of black holes and neutron stars, gravitational waves and LIGO research.

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Manuela Campanelli | Rochester

We go to Rochester to visit a center for research on gravitational waves. Manuela Campanelli explains how the insight of Einstein will open a new phase in the observation of the Universe.

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