The Cactus Computational Toolkit

02/18/2011 - 1:00pm to 2:00pm
Frank Loeffler
Speaker affiliation: 
Louisiana State University
Advances in science tend to split research fields into specialized
sub-fields, creating a lack of communication and collaboration which often
slows down scientific progress. It is now more true than ever that
interdisciplinary collaborations are often not only desirable, but required
to lead projects to success.

The Cactus Computational Toolkit is one of the time-proven projects
successfully attacking this problem by spanning research in especially
high-performance computer science, astrophysics and computational fluid
dynamics. It provides computer scientists an ideal platform to perform
state-of-the-art research, directly benefiting research in other areas of
science. This is achieved through a completely modular design with
well-designed and stable interfaces.

This talk will give a description of the structure and most important
component of the Cactus framework, as well as the structure of this
world-wide collaboration. Current research activities within the framework
will be presented, including its usage in undergraduate and graduate
training and teaching.


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